Thursday, May 16, 2013

Youtube is attacking a Ghost Hunting group out of Dorset

Ok So I get on twitter and I see some tweets to Youtube about how they need to give a Ghost Hunting crew their Videos back here is the video and post that describes what happened SOO after you guys watch the video do as they ask and help them out .. I dont understand how some of the things are allowed to be left on Youtube but yet something like this is wrong ... NOPE its not Youtube what is a matter .. you give so many stupid things a pass BUT you get rid of videos to do with REAL things SMH
Please Help Dorset Ghost Investigators! Please leave a comment on their video & like this video & please go on twitter & write to @Youtube & ask them to give them back their own videos & remove these strikes, our twitter account is @Dorsetghostdgi Their twitter account is @DorsetghostDGI Their facebook page is here Dorset Ghost Investigators

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