Saturday, April 27, 2013

Music that gets me going at work

Where I work on the road doing cable installs all day. I do a lot of driving on highway and in my work truck I don't have a CD Player, so I listen to music on radio stations .. start my days off listing to Kidd Kraddick and Dave & Jimmy and That is what gives me inspiration to do a World of Kmass the radio show to showcase mostly KY music and some others that I like i do enjoy talk radio a lot so Yes that's why I talk when doing the show instead of playing nothing but Music.. But back to why I decided to make this blog post on here ... A Few tracks come on the radio through out the day That get me Hype 1 is MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS - CAN'T HOLD US FEAT. RAY DALTON

Another track is Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait This track gives me a warm feeling like I get while I'm in church hearing something profound from a preacher

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