Monday, January 28, 2013

Kayla Perkins Is Dead (Book about Kentucky actress)

Most people only die once. Kayla Perkins just turned eighteen, and she’s done it one hundred times, sometimes twice in the same movie. She wouldn't trade her film career for the world, she wouldn't mind living past the end credits at least once in her life.

For years, Kayla wished to get her chance to be the hero. Little did she know that chance would come in real life at a horror convention in the south. Surrounded by friends, actors, and a horde of of evil, Kayla must fight for her very life if she wants to live to make another movie, much less live through one. 

Will Kayla survive a real life brush with the dark side, or will she play one final death scene? Read on and discover for yourself whether or not Kayla Perkins is dead!

You can get the book by clicking on this link Kayla Perkins Is Dead [Kindle Edition] 
The Printed version isn't available YET 

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