Wednesday, January 02, 2013

KYAliens Mixtape


01 Intro -Young L.O.R.D.
02 Two Dope Boys in a Chevrolet - Sheisty Khrist,    Deacon The Villain [Skit: Young L.O.R.D. & Kno]
03 Kyliens -DeCypha, Devine Carama, Lee G, Royal Illness, Studio
04 Wheels of Steel (Remake) -Mino, SunnyStylez, Starks, DJ Phat Katt, EF Cuttin, Willie Eames, Larry Blackford
05 Jazzy Belle (The Other Side) -Sheba Shane, Young L.O.R.D., Emtre
06 Interlude (Elevators) -Willie Eames and the Fab Five
07 Ova Da Wudz -Deacon the Villain, Blue Collar, Kae State, Sheisty Khrist
08 Babylon -Thuro, Sheisty Khrist, Lee G
09 Wailin’ -Sandman, Sheisty Khrist
10 Mainstream -Rob Jackson, Studio, Klarity, Thuro, Willie Eames
11 Lexington Psalm - Irk Dah Nerv, Dei, Problemz, Emtre
12 Millennium - Lee G, Spin Dada, C Rowdy
13 E.T. (Extra Terror) -Bianca Spriggs, Sheisty Khrist, Scoupe, Willie Eames
14 Growing Old -Devine Carama, Sheba Shane, Black Falcon, Emtre, Willie Eames
15 Cypha (Elevators ONP 86 Mix) -Tripp Doogan, Sunzilla, Justme, Smurf Durrt, Main Event, Klarity, D-Nice, Flame, Blue Collar, Lee G, Goo, Deacon the Villain
16 Outro

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